1.4 billion monthly users on Google search can’t communicate to each others

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What is Gospik?

Gospik is a Patent Pending extension for Chrome, Safari & Firefox that adds on the righthand side of Google search results, a communication platform, where users or companies can interact around topics they are searching on Google.

Gospik enables Users to post their own content, questions, messages, comments, on the most visited website in the world, Google search.

Gospik extension allows any user to get notifications when others are searching for similar products and services on Google search.

Gospik extension makes Google search interactive, dynamic, more helpful, without changing the native results displayed by Google on the lefthand side.

@Gospikapp Love it! Thank you for making my life easier and saving my time! I’ll definitely recommend it to my friends. :)

@LisaW, San Francisco

(Screenshot: Searching for "Gospik" on Google after installing Gospik extension)

Easy to install

You can install and use Gospik extension without loging in.

The extension is fully secured and has been tested and approved by:

Chrome Web Store

Firefox Add-ons

Safari Extensions Gallery

So easy to install. Only two clicks and I was able to use it!

@AlexD, London

Available for Chrome, Firefox & Safari

How to use Gospik?

After installing Gospik extension just use Google search as usual.

On the righthand side of Google results page, you will notice a discussion channel where people can socialize around topics they are searching on Google.

With Gospik extension, users can start threads about whatever it is that people are searching for or, join in conversations that are already happening there.

Users can connect with each others right in the Google search page.

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